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Picture Fuzzy Grey Approach for Decision Problems with unknown Weight Information

Cuong’s picture fuzzy set (PFS) has more capability to grip the uncertainties in real-life decision-making problems as compare to intuitionistic fuzzy set. The purpose of this paper is to introduce a new Grey approach in which the attribute values takes from the picture fuzzy numbers, attribute weights information is unknown and develop a multi criteria decision making approach to study the interaction between the input argument under the picture fuzzy environment. The main advantage of the proposed technique is that, it can deal with the situations of the positive interaction, negative interaction or non-interaction among the criteria, during decision-making process. Finally, a numerical approach is demonstrated for implementation of proposed technique and show that how proposed technique is reliable and effective is illustrated.

Impacts of Climate Change on Livestock Production and Productivity and Different Adaptation Strategies in Ethiopia

This review work was conducted to explore the likely impacts of climate change on livestock production and productivity and different adaptation strategies in Ethiopia. National average temperature has increased by 1 °C since the 1960s. Most of the livestock owners in the country perceive there are a climate change impacts on Livestock production and productivity. The major effects of climate change on livestock production include feed shortage, shortage of water, livestock genetic resources loss, reduced productivity, and decreased mature weight and/or longer time to reach a mature weight in their order of importance. Higher temperatures resulting from climate change may increase the rate of development of certain pathogens or parasites that have one or more life cycle stages outside their animal host.